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Name Selection

Name examination, name selection, change of name and selection of baby’s name.

Four Pillars Astrology (Ba Zi):

Analysis of Ba Zi, for individuals, family members and employees.

Residential Geomancy

Analysis of residential, commercial and industrial properties (both occupied/ unoccupied, constructed/ unconstructed) based on the external appearance, geographical location and interior decoration. Includes analysis of sign board, auditorium and vacant plot of land.

Graveyard (Tomb) Geomancy

Selection of overseas cemetery, plot of land, buried graveyard, future graveyard, ancestral plaque, and ash jar.

Purple Stars Astrology

Fortune of the year, phase of fortune, trend of fortune, financial luck, marriage, children, old age and health.

Date Selection

Date selection for childbirth, opening of business, marriage, launching and promotion of product, project activity and house/office moving.

Infant’s Buddhist ceremonial service

Specialized in prayer for infant spirit.

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