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Name Selection

Traditionally, Chinese place great importance on their Ba Zi (hour, date, month and year) of birth because it can affect the individual’s destiny. The name represents his or her signboard. A well chosen name, may enhance his or her lucky index. If an individual’s Ba Zi is good, coupled with a good name, it will add on to perfection and add luck on top of luck. Selection of names may be divided into three life forces: heaven, earth and human with five patterns, namely the total pattern, human pattern, earth pattern, external pattern and celestial pattern.

Besides having a good number of writing stroke for each name, it is also necessary to analyze it in details and match the individual’s five elements and Ba Zi to the life pattern requirement of the said party.  The effect of enhancing the prosperity of one’s fortune can be achieved. When one’s fortune turns for the better, his or her thinking, character and mood will also change gradually. This allows him or her to become more prosperous in interpersonal relationship, enterprise or fortune.

For many years, based on Ba Zi’s enhancemennt and avoidance, Jing Zi Long Feng Shui Center has selected names, or changed names to help countless persons becoming more outstanding in their respective fields.

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