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Our Founder

Hailed from his ancestral home in Guangdong, Chaozhou, Master Jing came to South East Asia with his parents and has been a Singapore citizen since then. He has displayed his intelligence since childhood days and is proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew.  Master Jing has always been interested in geomancy and astrology. Hence, he has started learning the art since young.  After mastering the skills, he started his own business. Meanwhile, he has continued to study the different techniques of the five elements and mastered them successfully. In his spare time, he often conducts Four Pillars Astrology, Purple Stars Astrology and I Ching fortune-telling for relatives and friends to answer their doubts and problems. This has always been greatly appreciated by them.

Master Jing is merciful and embracing. He likes to make friends and his trail covers Europe, America and Southeast Asia. In recent years, he has returned to his home village in mainland China to pay respects to his ancestors. Taking the opportunity, he has visited many historical and sacred sites such as the imperial tombs, ancient graves, mountains and rivers to survey their geography and has gathered ample information to help in his interpretations of future geomancy and fortune-telling work.

Master Jing Zi Long is the Cultural Advisor to Loyong Tua Pek Kong Temple (洛阳大伯公宫). Loyang Tua Pek Kong is known for the inter-faith activities it organises which bring Taoists, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims together because Loyang Tua Pek Kong temple houses Hindu, Buddhists and Taoist deities and a Muslim kramat (shrine) under one old roof. It is also the only temple which operates 24 hours a day.

Master Jing is also a writer for Shin Min Daily News, Lianhe Wanbao and U-weekly magazine Fengshui Column. Shin Min Daily News & Lianhe Wanbao are two of Singapore largest circulating newspaper. As of 2024, Master Jing has retired from business and now serves as internal consultant for the firm's business.

洛阳大伯公宫, Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple (
新加坡善灵坛道教会, Shan Ling Tuah Society
尚艺国术龙狮院, Shan Yi Guo Shu Long Shi Yen

Our Founder and Consultant



Born in a family embraced in the five techniques of geomancy, Chen Yiming’s father, Master Jing, is a well-known geomancist for his knowledge of the five techniques of geomancy in Southeast Asia. Since young, Yiming has been intelligent and diligent. He has been greatly influenced by what he sees and hears, and has strived unremittingly to inherit the essence of his family knowledge. He went to Hong Kong and Taiwan and was taught by well-known teachers there. Upon graduation, he returned to Singapore and set up his own Geomancy business providing fortune telling services, name selection, residential geomancy and so on. All his clients have had wonderful experiences and he is cherished and recommended by clients from all walks of life. Yiming is a master in geomancy, selection of date for marriage, birth delivery, selection of name for babies, selection of company names and change of name for adults.

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