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Date selection

In a Chinese society, people will engage a Feng Shui master to choose an auspicious time and day for holding major events that affect their life fortunes or success and failure such as launching of a product brand, birth date of children, marriage, store opening, commencement of factory construction etc.

In recent years, more and more property developers invite a geomancy master to select and decide the timing of when to launch and promote their property sale plans. This also applies to choosing an auspicious date for the commencement of their construction works events.

In Chinese tradition, date selection is a matter of great importance that cannot be neglected. The geomancy master shall select an auspicious day and timing to hold the event according to the Ba Zi of the concerned party, By avoiding bad timing, it is much anticipated that the activity carried out will be smooth going, the married will find love in each other and grow old gracefully together, business will be profitable with abundant inflow of wealth and construction project will progress smoothly.

Date selection consultation service :

·  Date selection for moving in.
·  Date selection for ground breaking. 
·  Date selection for marriage. 
·  Date selection for childbirth. 
·  Date selection for shifting of house/office. 
·  Date selection for carrying out an activity. 
·  Date selection for business opening
·  Date selection for ship launching. 
·  Date selection for launching and promotion of product.

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