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Purple Stars Astrology

Fortune telling by Purple Stars Astrology is used to infer a person's destiny according to the mutual relationship of the palace position of the constellation. One of them, the Life Palace represents a person’s given trend of fortune. The Body Palace represents the acquired fortune. To analyze a person's lifelong destiny, it shall be based on his or her life palace primarily, and the body palace as supplementary, further coordinated by the migration palace, the official post and wealth palaces and the happiness and virtue palace.

Purple stars astrology is made up of 14 main stars: Namely Ziwei, Tianji, Taiyang, Wuqu, Tiantong, Lianzhen, Tianfu, Taiyin Tanlang, Jumen, Tianxiang, Qisha, Pojun, Tianliang and many complementary stars which are made up of: Qinyang, Tuoluo, Mars, Bell star, Tiankong, Dijie, Tianma, Tiantao, Zuobu, Youbi etc. These are arranged in the following 12 palaces: Life palace, Brother palace, Husband and wife palace, Children palace, Wealth palace, Vigorous distress palace, Migration palace, Servant palace, Official post palace, Tianzhai palace, Happiness and virtue palace and Parent palace. Great fortunes of every ten years and trend of fortune of each passing year may be precisely calculated in coordination with the concerned personal life and the four Hua stars.

The scope of Purple Star Astrology is broad and far reaching. Through the natal chart, a master may clearly see the great fortune, passing year, financial luck, marriage, emotional relationship, romance, marriage partner, business partner, enterprise, studies, health, disaster and distress etc.


Purple star astrology advisory service:

Using purple star astrology to review marriage and relationships
Using purple star astrology to review romance and chance of befriending the opposite sex 
Using purple star astrology to review business and financial luck 
Using purple star astrology to review career and career advancement
Using purple star astrology to review health and fortune telling
Lifelong fortune telling.

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