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Graveyard (Tomb) Geomancy

Good ancestral graveyard geomancy has the power of bringing happiness to the descendants and benefiting the children and grand children. If both the ancestral grave and residence have obtained geographical advantage, the concerned parties can achieve what they wish for. Without geographical advantage, it will be contrary to what they have expected. If the graveyard is ominous but the residence is lucky, the descendants do have chances of achievement in officialdom or enterprise. If the graveyard is ordinary but the dwelling is ominous, the descendants will have difficulty having a roof over their heads and feeding themselves. If both the graveyard and dwelling are auspicious, the descendants will be splendidly rich and honorable, enjoying endless wealth. If both the graveyard and dwelling are ominous, the descendants will become wandering destitutes far from home and with no descendent. Residence and ancestral grave facing one another in harmony, may result in receiving the blessings of the God of the Earth and the ancestor god. The descendants can achieve rapid career advancement and the sources of wealth forthcoming unceasingly. We perceive our house as a safe place to live in, while the house needs the protection of the occupants. A good ancestor graveyard will then benefit the descendants and future generations.

Graveyard geomancy consultation/consultant services:

·  Overseas cemetery (memorial park/graveyard) Consultant for site selection
·  Graveyard geomancy (buried/not yet buried) 
·  Ancestral plaque geomancy (ash jar position).

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