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Four Pillars Astrology (Ba Zi)

Four pillar fortune telling is shaped by the four pillars fixed by the year, month, day and hour of birth as in the celestial stems (jia, yi, bing, ding, wu, ji, geng, xin, ren, gui), the twelve terrestrial branches (zi, chou, yin, mao, chen, si, wu, wei, shen, you, xu, hai) and the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water). 
Fortune telling is conducted by checking the balancing of the creation and inhibition of the elements in coordination with the prosperity of the stems, regional time difference, strength and weakness of the individual fortune, in the order of his or her high, medium and low fortune, 60 ultra sounds and so on. In addition, highly accurate predictions in detailed good and bad luck, disaster and happiness can be made by using the power of Gods and Devas, and the strategic patterns (main palace pattern, Qisha pattern, main wealth pattern, side line wealth pattern, Zhengyin pattern, Pianyin pattern, Shishen pattern, Shanggong pattern, Jianlu pattern, Yangdao pattern, and special pattern). It also uses techniques such as enhancement and suppression, adjustment and recuperation, to alter the pattern, enhancing the goods and deterring the bads. One can calculate one’s own destiny and figure out the great fortunes in every ten years as well as the marriage and emotional relationship, financial luck, work, enterprise etc of each passing year.


Four Pillars Astrology (Ba Zi) service :

Discuss marriage and relationships 
Discuss fortune of passing year
Discuss financial luck and career advancement
Discuss romance and chance of befriending the opposite sex

Discuss fortune of your life.

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