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Residential Geomancy

Residential (including house, shop, factory etc) geomancy, generally requires three major essential factors, Sunlight, Air and Water. To have good geomancy, residences having prosperous strength of luck must be matched with the position selected according to the Ba Zi of the concerned party. Attention must also be given to the presence of corners in the house, electric cable hole, entrance directly facing a road, high-tension hanging cable, telecommunication tower, overhead-bridge and surrounding environment. In other words, an auspicious dwelling should not be threatened by any threatening objects. Moreover, the dwelling must be matched with four lucky sides and four avoidance sides in respect to the life of the concerned party. In addition, it must be matched with prosperity creating positions according to the three Yuan nine fortune principle.

Nowadays, we could no longer select and buy a piece of land and design and build with our own preference. This is due to the sharp increase in population. Apart from under-developed countries, land prices of major cities and towns are increasing drastically. As the saying “ an inch of gold for an inch of land” goes, the only solution is to build upwards with massive high-rise constructions, to satisfy everybody’s demand for houses. Master Jing has many years of practical experience of surveying residences for customers. It has been noticed that the presence of threatening obstacles in houses which are troubling the residents, has been rather common. These troubles unnoticeably are threatening the physiological, spiritual health and serenity of the residents. Unless being neutralized by various geomancy methods to be performed, residents who frequently shift houses in expectation of enjoying a good and prosperous life, will instead be annoyed by many unexpected troubles. Good fortune and prosperous financial luck will then be far stretched.

In order to have a happy and harmonious family, children growing up become outstanding personalities, profitable business progressing day by day, the correct positioning of the wealth position, god homage position, Wenchang position etc in the residence, must be ascertained by a geomancy master. By doing so, one can reside peacefully, with enterprise prospering, career advancement, blissful marriage and children becoming outstanding personalities, coming your way. 

Residential geomancy service :

·  Residential houses (occupied/unoccupied) 
·  Commercial/industrial (newly built/reconstruction).
·  Commercial/industrial (extension). 
·  Building exterior project (foundation engineering not yet started)
·  Building exterior project (construction started/completed). 
·  Partial scope (front door/lobby/sign board/water level). 
·  Commercial/industrial (Not yet moved in to commence business). 
·  Commercial/industrial (moved in and started business). 
·  Selection and purchase of existing apartment (private/HDB). . 
·  Selection and purchase of existing landed property (domestic/overseas). 
·  Residential Feng Shui layout

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