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Infant’s Buddhist ceremonial service

An unborn baby with life but was put to death by surgery in its mother’s womb by abortion or induced abortion loses its right to live, is unable to grow up smoothly to arrive in this world but abandoned into the darkness of the spiritual world.

These unborn but killed babies without proper after death service, will be unable to be reincarnated in rebirth and as time goes on, will be formed as “kinless spirit” of strong hatred or so-called “infant spirit”. They hide around their family members and parents. When family members are in low spirits, these infant spirits will start to carry out retaliation. In the course of time, they are even directly involved in causing various kinds of psychological and physiological disturbances to their parents and family members. They attack them in the form of infant spirit, including various infant spirit sicknesses, no peace of mind, business failure, excessive drinking, brute behavior, traffic accident, even bloody disaster of such kinds of startling situation.


Infant’s Buddhist ceremonial service :

Specialized in prayer for infant spirit.

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